Meet your RA

In case any of you missed it, there is a bulletin board posted on your wing introducing you to your RA. This board provides you an opportunity to learn a little bit about your RA, hopefully making him seem more approachable when you want/need to talk to him. Information regarding interests, hobbies, and upbringing are … More Meet your RA

Everyone has Crabs…

… Because I put up door decs on the wing! If you are a resident of 1 South, your name is Apolonia, or you are on staff in Hugunin, you got a delightful crab decoration gracing the presence of your door. Enjoy it and know that you are truly blessed.

Kooky Carnival

Hugunin’s Hall Council put on a carnival Saturday, and a lot of people showed up. There were contests, prizes, games, and food for people to enjoy. It seemed well received, and there was a really nice turnout. Several of my residents went, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Circle Smackdown

Hugunin hosted an event called the Circle Smackdown. It was a campus wide volleyball tournament that required each team to have at least one faculty member in order to register. Four teams ended up playing and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves a lot.

Java Jams

Hugunin co-hosted Java Jams with Bridgeway. It is a fun event that enables residents to engage with one another while displaying various abilities, playing games, and enjoying snacks. It is a fun event and many residents showed up.

Service Auction

Hugunin hosted a service auction to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. Several people showed up, and there were a lot of goods and service available for purchase. Over $300 was raised, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a great chance for people to become more aware of a great charity, and be … More Service Auction