Comedy Night

CPR hosted a hilarious comedy night this evening in the Crossing. There was a double header of comedians, which has not been done before. It was a fun night filled with laughter and amazement, as the second comedian was also a magician!

Nerf War

This afternoon there was a Nerf war in the basement of Hugunin. Many residents from Hugunin played, as well as a couple of residents from Melcher. All involved had a jolly, giggling wonderful time, and bonds were formed, as well as broken! It was cool to see different people interacting and relating to each other, … More Nerf War

Diversity Dive

A wonderful mural style display in honor of Black History and Women’s History months was set up in the Hugunin basement lounge. Pictures and information regarding various men and women who have played significant roles throughout history are being displayed. The open night was Monday, and several residents came to see the display and learn … More Diversity Dive

Diversity Dive Set up

Hugunin’s staff spent a lot of time and energy setting up the Diversity Dive. The purpose was to celebrate black history month and women’s history month. Many pictures were collected and information collected about many important historical figures, and a video presentation was also prepared. Should be a great opportunity to educate residents about the … More Diversity Dive Set up

Blood Drive

Last week the blood drive took place on campus. There was a good turnout, and a lot of blood was collected…. In a medically friendly, volunteer oriented, health care driven way of course. I volunteered there to help out, and saw some residents there. Ended up helping them, and walked back with one. Hearts were … More Blood Drive

Dr. Lerner Learning

Dr. Lerner came to learn us all on the lighter side of learning, while letting us listen to her limericks regarding living in a learning environment. She lectured on listening, listened to stories worthy of lyrics, and left us leaping from a latticework of large linked lessons.

RA Selection

RA selections came out last week, and 1 South’s very own Jordan Crowe was selected to an RA position! Very excited for him, and fun to see a representative from 1 South move on to a position in Res Life! My heart is filled to overflowing with pride, exuberance, and unabated excitement at this auspicious … More RA Selection