Circle Smackdown

Hugunin hosted an event called the Circle Smackdown. It was a campus wide volleyball tournament that required each team to have at least one faculty member in order to register. Four teams ended up playing and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. Advertisements

Java Jams

Hugunin co-hosted Java Jams with Bridgeway. It is a fun event that enables residents to engage with one another while displaying various abilities, playing games, and enjoying snacks. It is a fun event and many residents showed up.

Service Auction

Hugunin hosted a service auction to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. Several people showed up, and there were a lot of goods and service available for purchase. Over $300 was raised, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a great chance for people to become more aware of a great charity, and be … More Service Auction

Comedy Night

CPR hosted a hilarious comedy night this evening in the Crossing. There was a double header of comedians, which has not been done before. It was a fun night filled with laughter and amazement, as the second comedian was also a magician!

Nerf War

This afternoon there was a Nerf war in the basement of Hugunin. Many residents from Hugunin played, as well as a couple of residents from Melcher. All involved had a jolly, giggling wonderful time, and bonds were formed, as well as broken! It was cool to see different people interacting and relating to each other, … More Nerf War

Diversity Dive

A wonderful mural style display in honor of Black History and Women’s History months was set up in the Hugunin basement lounge. Pictures and information regarding various men and women who have played significant roles throughout history are being displayed. The open night was Monday, and several residents came to see the display and learn … More Diversity Dive