Reddy for knowledge

Dr Reddy came and talked to residents about the college of Agriculture and travelling internationally and living abroad. As the head of the College of Agriculture, and being originally from India, Dr. Reddy is uniquely qualified to speak on these things. It was a really enjoyable talk and the residents seem to get a lot … More Reddy for knowledge

Homecoming Parade

Saturday morning several residents and staff from Hugunin came out to participate in the homecoming parade. While the weather was pretty miserable, being both rainy and chilly, spirits remained good throughout, and everyone seemed to have a really good time in spite of the inclement conditions. It was cool to see people from so many … More Homecoming Parade

Reverse Tug of War

During homecoming week Hugunin competed in several events. One of these events was the reverse tug of war. Several Hugunin residents signed up to participate in this event, and we had a really good turn out of people who came to support those who were participating in the event. Hugunin didn’t win, but everyone had … More Reverse Tug of War

Slip and Slide

Due to temperatures of 90 or more, a few of us got out the slip and slide materials, and ran the slip and slide for a few hours Saturday afternoon. It was so hot out, and we had a lot of residents show up. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and it was a … More Slip and Slide

Mat LaVore

Saturday night there was an illusionist/magician in the Student Center. I went over with a couple of my residents, and we enjoyed the show. It was interesting, funny, and pretty amazing. Everyone had a great time.

Nerf War

Due to 4 North being empty, there are ongoing efforts to come up with fun ways to use that wing as a location for events and programs that everyone will be interested in. One of these ideas was to host a Nerf War on that wing, which we did Friday night. Roughly 25 residents showed … More Nerf War


Welcome to Hugunin! Attached to your door you all should have noticed a door decoration with your names written on them. These are to help welcome you to the wing and are also instrumental in helping your RA learn your names. Hopefully you all have a great year!