St. Patty’s Day

I put some ballin’ door decs up. They are an exquisite representation of what an awesome door dec looks like. The door decs are a green St. Patty’s day themed hat, similar to what a leprechaun might wear. They are loved by all, and leave others green with envy (see what I did there?). Advertisements

Diversity Lounge

Hugunin Hall put on a display in the Sauna room in the basement regarding diversity. The display was a celebration and informative display regarding women’s history month and black history month. The display was “hot” (see what I did there?) and a lot of residents were able to view it.

Taco Night

The FNC was taco night. It was hosted by Porter. There was a taco bar, as the name might imply. Free food is good food, so that part was a success. There were also games, and several of us played “Family Fued” together. My team kicked ass, which was no surprise, and everyone had fun. … More Taco Night

“Ice Skating”

CPR hosted an “ice skating” event in the crossing. There was no ice present. I went with residents and we analyzed the skating and event while eating dinner from the haus. We talked about the complexities of having an ice skating event, and the details of planning and executing an event. We also discussed what … More “Ice Skating”

Pizza Hut Buffet

Everyone who remained on the wing this weekend went to the buffet at Pizza Hut Saturday night. We had a pretty good group of guys, and ate a bunch of chicken wings. Significantly more wings were eaten than pizza, and honestly probably more pasta as well, but I digress. It was delicious and we had … More Pizza Hut Buffet


There are new door decs on the wing. They are shaped like snowflakes. Everyone got a door dec with their name on them. They are white. They are intricate. They are excellence exemplified in paper form. See them, adore them, love them. #Social