Religions board

A bulletin board spirited onto our wing this week. (See what I did there?) It provides information regarding the 5 major religions of the world. It is interesting to see the diverse belief systems from around the world, and will give everyone something to think about.

Life Suggestions

There is a ballin’ bulletin board essentially detailing how to just be a 112% better person on the wing. While this is an approximation, personality gains of no less than 110% are reasonable and to be expected. The bulletin board outlines all sorts of things, with the larger focus on actions and ways to conduct … More Life Suggestions

Circle Smackdown

Circle Smackdown was a volleyball tournament Hugunin hosted in the circle. A faculty member was required in order to enter a team. Bryan pulled a real MVP caliber move and got a faculty member to go, and the competition was on! We kicked ass, and had fun. Students and faculty, relating as equals. It was … More Circle Smackdown

St. Patty’s Day

I put some ballin’ door decs up. They are an exquisite representation of what an awesome door dec looks like. The door decs are a green St. Patty’s day themed hat, similar to what a leprechaun might wear. They are loved by all, and leave others green with envy (see what I did there?).

Diversity Lounge

Hugunin Hall put on a display in the Sauna room in the basement regarding diversity. The display was a celebration and informative display regarding women’s history month and black history month. The display was “hot” (see what I did there?) and a lot of residents were able to view it.